Seaplanes: so quiet on the outside, so loud on the inside

The Seaplanes of Vancouver

If I had to name my favorite part of Vancouver, it would be the seaplane dock. I just love Vancouver’s seaplanes. It’s that simple. They represent adventure and travel in a pre- (or post-)TSA era, a type of travel where carry-on is the only way to fly, and a water landing is the hoped-for result. I even made a Facebook group for the seaplanes (and the people who love them).

So, rather than focus on what a geek I am, how ’bout we just check out this awesome seaplane, as seen on a glorious summer’s day? How about that?

Also check out my Vancouver <–> Victoria Seaplane adventure with Jet Trash legend Skot McDonald.

Seaplanes: so quiet on the outside, so loud on the inside
Seaplane Docks, Vancouver

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