Do Penguins Have Knees?

Penguins Have Knees & Feathers

People tend to use Google to ask two important penguin-related questions:

  1. Do penguins have feathers?
  2. Do penguins have knees?

HInt: Yes

The answer to both: yes.

Yes, penguins have knees. Their knees are covered in feathers (see below), but they’re definitely there.

these guys figured it out and went for warmer weather

Also, penguins have feathers, but those feathers are optimized for keeping them warm in the snow and ocean water. If a penguin were to lose its feathers, it would freeze to death, unless it gets a wetsuit.

The penguins I’ve encountered in South Africa and Australia were ungainly on land but extremely quick and agile in the water. Also, they smell kind of funky and they bite.

Penguins are amazing creatures, swimming the equivalent of several marathons just to find a meal. They’re cute, but also tough as nails. If you get a chance to see theĀ Penguin Island documentary series, by all means do so.

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