We Met on a Plane: Mile-High Club Deferred

We Met on a Plane is a hookup missed connections site for when two people pass like ships in the night on a flight.

Of course, you are rarely at your sexiest when in coach class. The slouch. The drool. The droopy eyelids and sallow skin. The glazed eyes.

Still, sometimes you make eye contact with an alluring stranger doing calisthenics next to the emergency exit, and you want to take things to another level. Maybe get together in a toilet with an area greater than one square meter.

Basically, it’s like Craigslist Miss Connections, only with more specific taxonomy, and therefore easier to search. You can search the flights you just took to see if s/he’s into you. Or if they’re into you, depending upon your mojo levels.

This is one of their promo images. Doesn’t it look like a scene from Lost?

The potential for trolling is pretty high with this site, so hold a few details back in order to be sure that the real hottie is responding.

About Jordan

Jordan Matthew Yerman started writing during his third year of high school, where his teacher discouraged his use of the eff-word as "crude, unnecessary and uncouth". While attending UC San Diego for his degree in Political Science, Jordan picked up acting; he would later attend the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, living in the UK for four years before relocating to New York City. To get by, he has worked as a proofreader, model, technical consultant, HR trainer, sign-placer, sales director, crate stacker, bartender, photographer, real estate broker, and as an exhibit at the Bronx Museum. As an actor, Jordan has performed in the USA, England, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, and Netherlands, from stage to indie screen to voiceover, including London's West End. Jordan has been around the world 2 3/4 times. He currently lives in Vancouver and works in New Media; capital N, capital M. You can reach him via jordan at international jet trash dot com.