Mama Penguins Launch Like Rockets- Video

Female Emperor Penguins ‘Fly’ Ashore

The best thing I’ve seen on Frozen Planet so far (and that’s really saying something) is the triumphant return of the female Emporer Penguins after three months at sea. Carrying food for their soon-to-be hatched chicks, the mama penguins have to transition from sea to frozen land.

One of the penguins does a massive face-plant, but that’s okay.

The best way to do this: build up enough momentum to shoot out of the water like a rocket. The slo-mo video below makes the mama penguins’ return to Antarctica even more dramatic.

The only to make this video more awesome would be if they were waddling away from an explosion without looking back at it.

When filming a sequence like this, you have to be comfortable with sea birds jumping into your lap.

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