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314 Fun Things to Do in New York City

You can almost hear the saxophone
Meanwhile, somewhere just off the Bowery...

Zoomdoggle has a vaguely 2002-sounding dot-com name, but offers hundreds of fun things to do in New York City. NYC is easily among the most exciting places in the world, but, if you’ve lived there for a few years, you can fall into a rut just as if you lived somewhere a bit less world-class .

Hopefully you don’t have to go through that, and this free .pdf download could be your ticket out of Rutsville, NY. There are some stellar suggestions on the list, such as a tour of the Steinway piano factory, Pintchik Oracle (wish I knew about that!) and Open House New York (which is amazing).

Either way, don’t forget to look up like a tourist from time to time. If nothing else, you’ll probably wind up with rosier cheeks, even in the off-season. How fun is that?

I ended up cutting my own hair for years in order to save precious pocket change with which to enjoy the tiny pockets of awesome that can be found the city. There was a shop in the East Village (whose address I can’t remember) that had a tiny art vending machine. Little handmade objects for two bucks. The other use for Sacajawea dollars besides the subway ticket machines.

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Sydney’s Bat Relocation Plan: An Update

Previously, on IJT: the grey-headed flying fox colony that populates Sydney’s Botanical Gardens were to be moved. As the huge bats stopped commuting in from the mountains and embraced the downtown lifestyle, they were destroying the fragile trees of the Gardens.

The plan to relocate the bats via sound disruption was put on hold, though, as the Bat Relocation Squad (not what they’re really called, but what they should be called) are not yet able to track the bats once they’re moved. In other words, they won’t know where the bats end up.

The relocation project will be delayed for up to a year. Read the quote below aloud in the gravelly Christian Bale Batman voice for maximum effect.

The Trust says it does not believe it has enough time to tag all the foxes and complete any follow up action that might be needed in this year’s non-breeding season.

Photo: ultrahi (CC Licensed via Flickr)
Fruit Bats in Sydney

Welcome to the New Version of IJT

The finer points of WTF
Swearing: For Classroom Use

International Jet Trash is reborn! We’ve switched to the WordPress platform because it’s easier to maintain on a daily basis than Drupal, since I’m generally managing it alone.

No worries, though: you can still find the older Jet Trash posts by visiting vintage International Jet Trash.

As you can see, I got some theming work to do, but first I’m off to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Priorities.