Sydney’s Bat Relocation Plan: An Update

Previously, on IJT: the grey-headed flying fox colony that populates Sydney’s Botanical Gardens were to be moved. As the huge bats stopped commuting in from the mountains and embraced the downtown lifestyle, they were destroying the fragile trees of the Gardens.

The plan to relocate the bats via sound disruption was put on hold, though, as the Bat Relocation Squad (not what they’re really called, but what they should be called) are not yet able to track the bats once they’re moved. In other words, they won’t know where the bats end up.

The relocation project will be delayed for up to a year. Read the quote below aloud in the gravelly Christian Bale Batman voice for maximum effect.

The Trust says it does not believe it has enough time to tag all the foxes and complete any follow up action that might be needed in this year’s non-breeding season.

Photo: ultrahi (CC Licensed via Flickr)
Fruit Bats in Sydney

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