Beer-per-Mile in San Francisco Half Marathon

Some guy decided to run the San Francisco Half Marathon while drinking beer.

Not just drinking beer, but seriously drinking beer. One beer per mile. That’s thirteen beers. While running a half marathon.

Amazingly, he actually finished the run. He mapped out the liquor stores along the route, accomodating for the fact that no bottle shops appear on the Golden Gate Bridge or its approaches.

This guy, who posts as djtennessee has a blog dedicated to working out while smoking and drinking. Personally, I have to get my exercise done before the first beer of the evening.

My final time is five hours, seven minutes. Probably an hour of that was confused wandering, but time is time and that’s my time. It’s funny how I un-blacked out right at the finish line, and all three vomits also came there at the finish line. You gotta wonder how much of blacking out and vomiting is psychological.
But beer is a very good thing for a run of six miles or less. After those six miles, it slows you down too much and it begins to taste completely awful.

Via Exercising While Intoxicated.

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