‘Oprah Hates Disabled People’: Zach Anner Doesn’t Make the Top 5 in OWN Contest

‘Oprah Hates Disabled People’ ? No, But Zach Anner Gets Pushed Out of Top 5: The Vote-Rigging Saga Continues

Somehow, and against all reason, a certain Zach Anner did not make the top 5 in the Oprah Winfrey Network’s search for a new presenter. Instead, a virtual unknown named Jacqueline Wattimo takes the top spot with over nine million votes.

People have called bullshit about the voting in the past, and presented the source code to prove it. I’m not blaming Oprah personally: she’s many things, but web developer is not one of them.

Does Oprah hate disabled people? Nope.

This is a case of people trying to fight 4chan, which both a losing  battle, and a recipe for disaster as the entire voting process is tainted.

If you found this humble site, you most likely already know who Zach is. He’s the dude pitching a travel show for OWN network, and he’s already doing test versions of his show on his own. Unlike the others (at least, those whose videos I had a chance to watch), Zach didn’t just talk about entertaining us; he actually did it. By the end of the pitch, I was sad to see him go. Incredibly rare in an audition video.

So, Zach is included among three others aside from the top 5 to compete in the final: this is definitely because OWN fears the impending backlash from Zach’s being booted from the original top 5.

(Note that none of the contestants mentioned here had any direct involvement in the code-monkeying)

We’ve learned two things from Zach Anner’s rise to Internet fame:

  1. He is well-loved as a media personality
  2. He does not need Oprah, or anyone else, to do a travel show at this point.

Here is Zach Anner’s originial audition:

That was only the beginning: Zach Anner’s Youtube channel, which now has legions of fans, shows his development as a presenter as his confidence grows.

This dude’s a stud, and he’s totally what International Jet Trash is all about: getting out there and seeing the world by any means possible. We salute you, Zach!

Now that all the online voting, and its susceptibility to hackery, scullduggery, and fakery is done, we can all watch you take your opponents apart.

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