Guerrilla Swimming in the UK

Wild Swimming: Taking the Plunge

For those who fancy a swim, but can’t deal with all the pool rules… or those who want to swim where they don’t belong… it’s time for Wild Swimming.

Turns out that our British friends are finding outdoor swimming (lakes, rivers, reservoirs) to be less stressful and more liberating than over-chlorinated indoor pools.

Also, when swimming in the wild, you never have to worry if that blue dye is real, or just a myth. But would you take on the Thames?

“Theres very little joy to be had in a public swimming pool,” she says. “But theres a slightly inexplicable magic to swimming outdoors. As soon as you jump in it feels like the best thing ever – its the change in physical state. Youre floating and get a completely different perspective of the landscape and wildlife. You notice tree roots, swim up to water lilies and see dragonflies mating.”

via BBC News

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