Yin Xiuzhen: Cities in Suitcases

Yin Xiuzhen’s Portable Cities

Yin Xiuzhen has created miniature cities in open suitcases, using discarded clothing and other found materials. These textile sculptures are called, fittingly enough, Portable Cities.

Her current exhibition (at the Anna Schwartz Gallery in Sydney) features Melbourne, Shenzhen and Jia Yu Guan.

Looking at Mini-Melbourne, we can see that Yin cleverly rendered Flinders Street Station, the MCG and other notable landmarks. (Having never been to Shenzhen or Jia Yu Guan, I can’t comment on their veracity, but they sure look cool).

Yin spends time in each place and the buildings chosen for re-creation are ones that she finds memorable. It provides an interesting view of the locations and enforces her key message; you cannot truly understand, and therefore learn from an environment, unless you spend a good amount of time there.


Via designboom.

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