Sugar Gliders: Not Legal in NYC or NSW

Sugar Gliders in NYC: Fuhgeddaboudit

A brief work discussion on sugar gliders led me to research if they’re legal in New York City. Turns out that these strange-but-cute marsupials are legal in New York State… but not in the five boroughs. That’s shitty.

So, if you have a sugar glider and you’re moving to NYC, keep it on the down-low, or hand it off to a friend before you move. Also, don’t release your sugar glider into the sewer system or it’ll grow to gargantuan size before attacking Manhattan.

You Don’t Need a Dingo Licence in New South Wales

Once you do web research of that nature, you can’t stop. As such, I learned that, in New South Wales, it’s only legal to keep three types of native mammal:

  1. Dingoes
  2. Spinifex hopping-mice
  3. Plains rats

Admit it, you’d never heard of a spinifex hopping-mouse until this moment. That’s okay. Me, too. Anyway, those last two (i.e. the cute, cuddly mice) require a licence. Dingoes: no licence needed. Note that sugar gliders are not in the list above. This means no sugar gliders as pets in NSW.

Get your spinifex hopping-mouse licence at the DECC . Nothing I can do about the sugar glider situation, though. Sorry.

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