Peak 2 Peak at Whistler Blackcomb

In Which I Admit the View from the Peak 2 Peak Gondola is Not Bad

I was angry when I heard that the Peak 2 Peak Gondola was being built to link Whistler and Blackcomb. Just what we needed to ruin the vista: a big ol’ cable and a bunch of red gondola cars strung between the two gorgeous mountains of North America’s ski and snowboard Mecca.

I used the Peak 2 Peak for the very first time earlier this week, and the view was absolutely gorgeous, even when overall visibility wasn’t that great. So, fine. You win. The view from the Peak 2 Peak is pretty good.

Our original plan for the midweek trip was to go helicopter skiing, but visibility was not on our side, and the heli wouldn’t fly. The Peak 2 Peak would have to do. On the other hand, the four of us (three skiers and me on a board) enjoyed hip- and knee-deep powder for two straight days whenever we went off-piste.

Whistler: Screw the Symphony Chair

The Symphony Chair is still bullshit, though. I stand by that. If you want to ride or ski Flute Bowl, you should have to hike for it.

For those of you planning your dirtbag ski/snowboard trip, check out Whistler. Unlike during the 2010 Winter Games, the mountains actually have snow. Also, hotels don’t really care how many people you cram into a room, it seems… if those room rates seem high to you, just imagine them divided by 5 people. Suddenly, it’s cheaper than staying at home. Just leave the skis and boards downstairs.

Beers by the hot tub are also tacitly condoned, but I can’t explicitly endorse it.

Actually, I kinda can.

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