Coffee & Aspirin Are the Best Hangover Cure, Says Science

Coffee and Aspirin as Hangover Cures: Who Knew?

Good news, everyone! Scientists are here to tell us that caffeine and anti-inflammatories (coffee and aspirin) make the best hangover cure. We’d have never figured this out on our own.

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I’d also like to add grapefruit juice to that anti-hangover regime, as it detoxifies the liver. Everyone has their own hangover cure, but bacon/eggs/homefries are anecdotally effective, as is the humble Bloody Mary. I prefer coffee by itself, and almost never use aspirin.

Some argue drinking water is better than a caffeinated drink because it rehydrates the body while others still swear by the restorative powers of a full English breakfast to redress the body’s balance.

Others argue for a hair of the dog, in particular something including a fruit juice and a little bit of spice which is why a Bloody Mary is often cited as a popular choice.

via The Telegraph

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