Sydney Bats Update: They’re Still Here

Sydney’s bats are still hanging around in the Botanical Gardens. The decision was made to use industrial noise to evict the bats from the Botanicals.

Sydney’s flying foxes are not without friends, though. It is argued that the bat relocation plan fails to take into account possible future interactions with humans. In other words, what if the bats just move to another urban park? Why wouldn’t they, considering how many green spaces there are in Sydney?

Grey-headed flying foxes are a protected species, but critics argue that they are destroying the trees in the Botanical Gardens, which are right next to Sydney Opera House.

We saw this fine specimen the other evening, accompanied by around 100 of his friends. They were flitting out into the dusky sky after a hard day of… well, being a bat.

Bat in SydneyJust look at all the parks in Sydney. How can anyone possibly guarantee that the bat diaspora won’t just regroup in, say, Centennial Park or Moor Park?

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