Insane Habits from Living Alone

How Living Alone Makes You Go Mad

I love this article about the weird habits one develops while living alone. The idea of the at-home self, invisible to the rest of the world, is fascinating; I actively try to keep from some of these nobody-can-see-me habits, but it’s not easy.

After all, cooking an entire meal using one pot means your cleanup will be much faster and easier.

However, I avoid at-home outfits and keep in the habit of closing the bathroom door. Living alone requires discipline, which nobody seems to realize until they’re actually living by themselves.

Among her domestic oddities: running in place during TV commercials; speaking conversational French to herself while making breakfast (she listens to a language CD); singing Journey songs in the shower; and removing only the clothes she needs from her dryer, thus turning it into a makeshift dresser.

Not an issue with me. I don’t have a dryer.

However, I’ve been known to do push-ups and sit-ups during commercial breaks when I watch TV, and while working from home. This is actually somewhat healthy: I do around 120 pushups a day.

Walking around in the nude? Not too often, because I don’t have curtains in my apartment. It’s like living in a terrarium.


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