Snow ghosts, Big White

Ghosts of the Kootenay Boundary: Photos from Big White

Ski Photography: Snow Ghosts in Big White, British Columbia

I just got back from Big White as the token Seppo on a long ski weekend. Day One was the most spectacular: a stellar powder day that ensured first tracks for sidecountry skiers and riders… and I was with some pretty aggressive snowboarders.

The early part of Day One saw extremely low visibility midmountain, which made for some interesting photo opportunities: lots of shadows slowly, silently emerging from the snowy fog.

Below are some of my favorites.

These images are unedited save for cropping: you may have to squint to find some of the hidden objects and figures.

Snow ghosts are trees completely covered in ice and frost, so that no trunk or needle is visible. They’re entirely white. When they’re shrouded in cloud, fog, or snow, these trees become invisible, and are thus a formidable ski hazard.

I took the term “snow ghost” and extrapolated it to every just-out-of-sight object and person I saw during that awesome day on the mountain, because… well, I just did.

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