Air Canada passengers furious at getting bumped to Rouge

Did you get Rouged?

It’s like Air Canada has a special division tasked with creating its own marketing nightmares.

In this case, that means switching passengers from regular ol’ Air Canada flights to Air Canada Rouge flights… without warning or fare adjustment.

Passengers think it’s pretty shady, according to the overwhelmingly-negative Rouge reviews on Skytrax. It’s not bait-and-switch exactly, but actually something worse: passengers already bought the ostensibly-better product, but were delivered the lesser product.

Air Canada Rouge is like AC’s own little RyanAir project: it offers fewer amenities, and the legroom is best described as two-dimensional. (However,  AC saw fit to kit its staff out in some snazzy Fluevogs.) In return, Rouge’s fares are meant to be marginally less expensive than those for normal AC flights.

This all goes out the window, though, when you pay for a regular AC flight (and maybe select a few upgrades) but find yourself squooshed into a Rouge plane instead.

You got Rouged, dude. You got Rouged.

Another poster coined a new term against the airline, saying, “I got Rouged.” On Air Canada Rouge’s Facebook page, complaints are noticeably absent, but elsewhere on social media, customers are complaining the company is deleting Facebook posts that criticized the service. CBC News also observed that dozens of critical posts spotted on Friday had been deleted from the Rouge Facebook page by Monday.

Indeed, Air Canada Rouge’s Facebook page looks oddly clean, like a model home.

Not so on Twitter.

What a shame. Flying in Canada is weirdly expensive, largely because we have only one airline that flies nationwide. It’s like that bloated python that’d never survive in the wild.

There is definitely a place for a low-cost carrier in Canada, but here’s the thing: people need to know that that’s what they’re booking.

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