Flight diverted over Knee Defender scuffle

FA United Airlines flight was diverted due to a fight over the use of a Knee Defender. This fight was not between children, but between two grown-ass adults.

Obviously, if you use a device to prevent the seat in front of you from reclining, you’re acting like an entitled and selfish brat, albeit probably a brat sucking on his/her own knees.

That a product like the Knee Defender even exists should serve as a wake-up call to those designing coach-class cabins.

Never mind “should”, it is a wake-up call… though I have no reason to believe anyone on the other end is listening.

Note that the Knee Defender isn’t banned by the FAA… but it’s banned by many airlines, for achingly obvious reasons. Oh, and the dude who Knee Defended (can we verb this?) was sitting in Economy Plus, which ostensibly provides a more comfortable experience.

Nobody was arrested, which is refreshing .

Take note, though, carriers: this is how cruddy flying with you has become.

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