Flying with Falcons

I enjoyed researching and writing When Birds Fly: The Role Airlines Play in Falconry for APEX Media:


Besides allowing avian predators in the cabin, Lufthansa – which recently inked a codesharing deal with Etihad – has focused on improving the passenger experience for falcons. According to Lufthansa Technik, the Falcon Master “enables VIPs to bring their falcons on board while keeping them nearby in the cabin during flight – a safe and comfortable solution for both owner and falcon.” It’s common to see falcon stands that look like small plinths, but the Falcon Master more closely resembles a horizontal rod, wrapped in artificial turf, with a shallow plexiglass tub underneath – similar to what you’d see at a Japanese owl cafe. Lufthansa’s patented bird stand, which launched in 2014, is moved through the cabin like a trolley, and installed over a row of folded seats upon its adjustable legs.

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