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Porter Airlines: The Best in North America?

Ten out of Ten Raccoons Say Porter Airlines is Awesome

Porter Airlines is a stripped-down short-haul carrier based in Toronto. What they save by not using jet engines, they put into cool pillbox hats for their flight attendants, free chips and coffee, and the coolest mascot ever to grace an airline… Mr. Porter, the Porter Airlines raccoon.

Great design, kind service, and keeping it simple: Porter is head and shoulders above other North American carriers I’ve used in the past several years. Porter’s limited reach works in its favor: prop planes are inherently cooler than jets, and the flight I took had more legroom than the last jumbo jet that lugged me across the continent.

Porter Airlines: give them a try if you get a chance.

Mr. Porter has a hobby: gardening.

Mr. Porter watering his garden. A raccoon needs hobbies…

Mr. Porter gets hands-on with his business

Especially when he’s so hands-on at work.


Raccoon’s gotta eat.

Yes, City Airport is very close to downtown TO.