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Coffee & Aspirin Are the Best Hangover Cure, Says Science

Coffee and Aspirin as Hangover Cures: Who Knew?

Good news, everyone! Scientists are here to tell us that caffeine and anti-inflammatories (coffee and aspirin) make the best hangover cure. We’d have never figured this out on our own.

Prediciting Victory?
Latte Competition: Latte Laurel

I’d also like to add grapefruit juice to that anti-hangover regime, as it detoxifies the liver. Everyone has their own hangover cure, but bacon/eggs/homefries are anecdotally effective, as is the humble Bloody Mary. I prefer coffee by itself, and almost never use aspirin.

Some argue drinking water is better than a caffeinated drink because it rehydrates the body while others still swear by the restorative powers of a full English breakfast to redress the body’s balance.

Others argue for a hair of the dog, in particular something including a fruit juice and a little bit of spice which is why a Bloody Mary is often cited as a popular choice.

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The Zero G Coffee Cup

Sip Coffee in Space Like a Civilized Spaceperson

OK, we have to reassign a few Nobel Prizes here. A zero-gravity coffee cup that allows you to drink coffee in space like a civilized spaceman or -woman. No catheter needed.

The shape of the cup uses the coffee’s surface tension to keep it from flying up (or down or sideways) into your face. What happens, though, if one adds turbinado sugar?

Space.com : The Zero G Coffee Cup

The Zero-G Coffee Cup in Action
Prediciting Victory?

Coffee Porn: That Barista Thing in Vancouver

That Barista Thing: Vancouver Latte Competition

If you’re like me, then your idea of a successful latte is one in which the milk isn’t burnt. For Vancouver’s intrepid baristas, though, “good enough” just isn’t good enough. The 2010 barista competition gave Vancouver’s coffee rock stars a chance to shine.

That Barista Thing

Yours truly managed to pass himself off as a member of the photo crew for just long enough to bring you some coffee-porn photos. I also availed myself of some free coffee, courtesy of Blenz, who organized the comp, and ran into an old friend, Victoria Revay, who was doing the PR thing.

I missed out on the etching competition, in which the steamed-milk gladiators each had 10 minutes to craft a single latte of superior design and precision. Noam Dehan won that one. Coffee Junkies should also keep an eye on the Krups Cup of Excellence.

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