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Langurs Hired for CWG Security

Commonwealth Games 2010: Monkey Security Team

Monkeys: a major threat to the security of the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Rhesus macaques run rampant in Delhi, and have been held responsible for carjackings, thefts, vandalism, assaults, and even the 2007 death of New Delhi’s deputy mayor, S.S. Bajwa.

So, when the world’s eyes are on India for the CWG, officials are taking no chances. They’re bringing in a langur strike team. 38 langurs will be stationed at key locations, ready to whip some macaque ass should the need arise. These simian badasses are expected to be scary enough to keep the macaques at bay.

Should the macaques decide to have a go, though, we at IJT desperately hope that someone has a video camera at the ready.

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