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Awesome-Looking Namibian Bars with Great Names

If you love travel, and you love bars… then you’ll love-love this series of Namibian bar photos.

Having never been to Namibia myself, I wonder aloud if it’s trendy to name you watering hole “[Adjective] Bar”.

I hope so. It’s way more cool than when bars name themselves after their own addresses. Bar 89 in SoHo gets a pass because of its awesome toilets, but still. It’s played out.

My favorites from the list below:

  • Fabulous Bar
  • Cool Bar
  • Serious Bar
  • The Bruce Lee

The 10 Best Bars in Namibia

If I opened a bar in Namibia, I’d call it something like:

  • Dodgy Bar
  • Amphibious Bar
  • Quietly Confident Bar
  • Invades Your Personal Space Bar
  • Fun Bar
  • The Donnie Yen

Those photos totally made my day, and re-ignited my desire to visit Namibia. I’ve always wanted to see the Skeleton Coast, and I once met these two really cool Namibian girls while I was in South Africa. This just adds (at least) ten new reasons to go.