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Space Invaders Disappearing from New York

Space Invaders: An Endangered Species

Space Invaders have become an endangered species in New York City. You can see the rectangular spaces where they once perched. Buildings they’ve called home have been renovated or replaced.

Worst of all, some of these Invaders have been destroyed, for no apparent purpose. For example, the Space Invader below once watched over Ludlow Street between Stanton and Rivington. Look at the state of him now:

Space Invader: Street Art Defaced

Fortunately, a suspect has been photographed. As you can see, he had two accomplices who mainly stood as lookouts.

It's all fun and games until mosaic street art gets hurt.

Space Invader, if you’re reading this… it’s time for the second wave.

International Jet Trash Supports Rubulad

IJT Backs Rubulad, and So Should You, If You Like to Dance

Rubulad is what you picture when you think of downtown. It’s what you imagined the cool people of New York got up to while you lived in the suburbs… and it’s real.

While I don’t live in NYC at the moment, I have fond memories of Rubulad, and want others to enjoy it, too, far into the future.

Don’t let New York City turn into Disneyland.

Sugar Gliders: Not Legal in NYC or NSW

Sugar Gliders in NYC: Fuhgeddaboudit

A brief work discussion on sugar gliders led me to research if they’re legal in New York City. Turns out that these strange-but-cute marsupials are legal in New York State… but not in the five boroughs. That’s shitty.

So, if you have a sugar glider and you’re moving to NYC, keep it on the down-low, or hand it off to a friend before you move. Also, don’t release your sugar glider into the sewer system or it’ll grow to gargantuan size before attacking Manhattan.

You Don’t Need a Dingo Licence in New South Wales

Once you do web research of that nature, you can’t stop. As such, I learned that, in New South Wales, it’s only legal to keep three types of native mammal:

  1. Dingoes
  2. Spinifex hopping-mice
  3. Plains rats

Admit it, you’d never heard of a spinifex hopping-mouse until this moment. That’s okay. Me, too. Anyway, those last two (i.e. the cute, cuddly mice) require a licence. Dingoes: no licence needed. Note that sugar gliders are not in the list above. This means no sugar gliders as pets in NSW.

Get your spinifex hopping-mouse licence at theĀ DECC . Nothing I can do about the sugar glider situation, though. Sorry.