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Polite Penguin

Giant Red Penguin Fossil Discovered

Pedro the Penguin: 5 Feet Tall

The fossilized remains of a five-foot penguin were found in Peru. Nicknamed Pedro, this ponderous pinniped would have towered over today’s Emperor penguins. Who’s the king now? Huh?

Pedro’s scientific name is Inkayacu paracanensis (“water king”), and the fossils indicate red feathers. This is because tuxedos did not exist 30 million years ago.

Researchers say that the switch to formalwear was in response to “the demands of an aquatic lifestyle”.

Paleontologist Julia Clarke, lead author of the paper from the University of Texas at Austin’s Jackson School of Geosciences, said: “Before this fossil, we had no evidence about the feathers, colours and flipper shapes of ancient penguins.
“We had questions and this was our first chance to start answering them.”

Via The Telegraph, a friend to penguins.