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Porn-Fu Concept Photography

This is a bit of concept photography for my book, Porn-Fu, which is yet to see the light of day. Don’t worry, I’m working on it. Expect to see some sort of online version soonish.

From the pitch:

It was such a brilliant idea, it was bound to be successful. You just mix mystical Kung-Fu wirework and hardcore porn, and you have a cinematic revolution. Porn-Fu is born.

But what happens when your revolution is too successful?

Jordan and his friends went from international jet trash to international porn moguls in one dizzying year, but their success has finally caught up to them: dunes of cocaine, torrents of booze and a million and one late nights have conspired to blur the already fuzzy line between the real and the fantastical, and someone is out for their blood. Beyond the normal protests that surround the mainstreaming of XXX, a brick through a limousine window announces a personal, unrelenting vendetta.

One wet morning in London, a car explodes, shattering the silent dawn. All signs point to one unthinkable suspect: one of America’s favorite daughters, philanthropist and talk-show hostess extraordinaire.

Jordan and his crew of globetrotting porn-stars must find who’s trying to kill them and strike back, before they are red-lighted, permanently. On the way they must contend with psycho fans, randy debutantes, phantoms, sticky pub floors, ten thousand bats, and a man who escaped the pages of history.

Tumble into a world of dizzying highs and gutter-scraping lows, a world of glitz, dirt, haze, and speed. From luxury sports cars to undersea trains, all around the world and inside one young man’s mind.

The trick is to keep hanging on