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Yoga Room Opens at SFO

Yoga Before You Fly at SFO

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has opened a yoga room, which it claims is the first in the world*.

This is a brilliant idea, as anyone who has flown coach-class will tell you. Personally, I always get funny looks when I use the departure-lounge floor as a carpeted stretching mat, so the idea of a dedicated yoga room makes me smile.

Hopefully they have a strict regimen for cleaning the free mats.

The best part: the infographic for “Yoga Room”, depicting a serene figure (dare I say Buddha-like?) in the lotus position.

(*I have a tough time believing that SFO invented yoga rooms, considering how Singapore’s mega-airport featured a cinema, serenity garden, and free internet-enabled computers back in 2003: surely one of the massive Asian airports has a yoga room already?)

(via SFist)

San Francisco’s North Beach: Tides of Urban Development

John Mola’s culinary-heavy short film chronicles the ever-changing face of San Francisco’s North Beach. Similar to NYC’s Little Italy, North Beach is an Italian neighborhood bordering a growing Chinatown. These days, though, Italian-owned businesses are beginning to move back in.

North Beach and Chinatown are fantastic, and I love seeing them on film.

San Francisco’s North Beach Old and New from Spots Unknown on Vimeo.

(found via boingboing)

4 Star

4 Star Cinema in San Francisco

More San Francisco Neon: The 4 Star Cinema

The 4 Star Cinema is another casual San Francisco landmark: a building that persists through time. Unlike most of America, San Francisco seems to cling to its architectural history on a local level: walking down Clement street, you could be in 1952 or 1975 or, in this case, 2010.

Beer-per-Mile in San Francisco Half Marathon

Some guy decided to run the San Francisco Half Marathon while drinking beer.

Not just drinking beer, but seriously drinking beer. One beer per mile. That’s thirteen beers. While running a half marathon.

Amazingly, he actually finished the run. He mapped out the liquor stores along the route, accomodating for the fact that no bottle shops appear on the Golden Gate Bridge or its approaches.

This guy, who posts as djtennessee has a blog dedicated to working out while smoking and drinking. Personally, I have to get my exercise done before the first beer of the evening.

My final time is five hours, seven minutes. Probably an hour of that was confused wandering, but time is time and that’s my time. It’s funny how I un-blacked out right at the finish line, and all three vomits also came there at the finish line. You gotta wonder how much of blacking out and vomiting is psychological.
But beer is a very good thing for a run of six miles or less. After those six miles, it slows you down too much and it begins to taste completely awful.

Via Exercising While Intoxicated.